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Do you ever just feel totally demotivated?

You have amazing goals and an epic dream life planned out, but somehow you keep getting lost in a stack of “urgent” emails and an ever growing to do list.

You wake up to 10, 20 or 200 WhatsApp messages, emails and other notifications all competing for your attention before you even get a chance to brush your teeth.

This vicious cycle can transform your brain from “strategic planning & execution mode” (SPEM) to “reaction mode” (RM). When that happens your day risks becoming everything but yours.

RM kills 1000s of brilliant startups each year, by targeting the startup’s #1 resource. It’s founder’s mind. When your mental clarity is polluted by RM, your chances of success plummet. I used to get trapped in RM WAY TOO OFTEN.

With the help of several amazing mentors, trained professionals and 100s of written publications, I’ve finally learned how to protect my brain from RM. This website is dedicated to help protect you, my fellow brilliant founders, from RM because when you stay in SPEM, the world we live in gets access to more of your best creations. I think that’s a world we all look forward to living in.

~Adi Soozin 🍍

What’s next? Check out a few of the guides I made to help brilliant startup founders, like us, to get the most out of our time by following proven processes to reach HUGE goals.

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