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“Honestly my biggest problem with the startups that fail here, is that the founders burnout” divulged the MD of a prestigious global accelerator. “The founders put so much pressure on themselves, giving up all work-life balance…” she trailed off and locked eyes waiting for me finish her sentence to validate that I knew exactly what she was talking about. I responded “no one can maintain 80 hour weeks indefinitely.”

“Exactly!” she smiled, knowing she was not alone in witnessing this tragedy play over and over again. “Have you found a solution?”

I furrowed my brow and looked away trying to think of a succinct way to communicate all of the processes and procedures I had developed over the years, to cope with the highs and lows of an entrepreneur’s life. “Yes, I’ll think of a way to get them published” I responded, not realizing yet that the solution would be a website called

I hope that the processes and procedures shared here help you as much as they have helped me.

Made with 🤍 by Adi Soozin

Do you ever look back at your life & wonder “How the hell did I end up here?”

If you are wondering how and why I came up with all of these processes and procedures here is the backstory. 

My freshman year of college I had to take this really really really (yes 3x) boring general course required of all freshmen. I don’t remember the name of it, I just remember that every loophole I tried did not work to get me out of this course. 

Anyways at the start of the third class a nice program director stopped by our classroom and handed the professor a pile of papers. The professor distributed them explaining that this would not impact our grade, it was just an assessment that would help the university know how to help us get the most out of our time at the school. 

Later, after I scored in a particular direction, I found out that it was designed to assess our leadership skills. If you scored a particular way you were pulled into this cult-like group by some upperclassmen who were widely known as “the people who were going to achieve great things”. If you scored this particular way you were given free books and expected to attend private meetings where you would learn all about how to build high-performing teams, create tight nit communities & protect your mental energy. 

A decade later I hit my personal year from hell.

(1) In the fall of 2016 I was informed that I had “abnormal cells” in my latest biopsy & the cause was unknown. My grandfather had melanoma in his 50s, my mom had melanoma in her 40s. I was 27. 

The diagnosis hung over me like a dark cloud for three months while my husband and I made all sorts of crazy life changes to see if my body could dispose of the damaged cells before my next checkup. Daily workouts & ice baths switched from “when I have time” to mandatory while I learned to abide by a variation of the keto / paleo diet and developed a respectful appreciation for the G-d awful vegetable: Brussels sprouts. 

(2) My mom was informed of the discovery of a rare type of cancer in her eye which required chemo. 

(3) My paternal grandfather passed away and the support system that was my large & loving family (now a total of 76 aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces & nephews) collapsed into fighting fractions. 

(4) Two weeks after my paternal grandfather passed away my maternal step-grandfather passed away and the “war of inheritance” erupted among the oldest of those surviving relatives as well. 

(5) A few days later a hurricane caused $1.4 MM in damage to our gated community (to this day I wonder what our overpriced hurricane insurance actually pays for). 

(6) Shortly after this we buried my father-in-law & our second child followed him to heaven. 

I didn’t just create 9apple™ for you, dear reader. They say the best books are written by those who are writing for themselves. I created 9apple™ because I also needed a place of reference to remember all of the processes, resources and tricks that I have available to me to get me through life’s ups and downs, to protect my mental energy & health. 

If you have real advice and guidance to help the 9apple™ community reach & maintain peak mental performance please share your idea for a new post here.

WARNING: Nothing on this website is intended to be a substitution for meeting with and receiving care from certified mental health professionals, please consult a medical professional before trying anything new.



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