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Do you know what all of the self-made successful entrepreneurs have in common? Positive self talk.

What should you do, if your internal dialogue typically runs various scripts of self-criticism? My best friend helped to jolt me out of this toxic habit by sending me the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck for Hanukkah one year. I followed this book up with a promise to read every self-help book I could get my hands on (recommendations at the bottom of this page) until I flipped the switch from personal critic to personal cheerleader. But this is a work in progress and not something that happens just after reading a few books.

You need to put what you read into practice and every book I read mentioned its own variation of the following two daily practices:

  1. Looking at your vision board
  2. Reciting your affirmations

Why these two? Your brain is wired with a few mechanisms that make humans able to survive in communities. One of these mechanisms is called confirmation bias and another is called a mirror neuron.

Confirmation bias leads your brain to look for evidence to support whatever decision or opinion you make. If you choose to like someone your brain will focus on all of the great things about the person and devalue their negative attributes. If you choose to dislike someone your brain will focus on all of the negative things about the person and devalue their positive attributes. This is why I tell founders to focus on people who are excited to speak with them, the sale will be closed in a matter of minutes.

Mirror Neurons are attributed with helping us to “fit in” to a new group or tribe. They cause you to “become” the 6 people you spend most of your time with AND when you’re spending a bit of time each day looking at your vision board, they will help you to be drawn towards positive and helpful opportunities that will lead you to reach your goals faster.

So, how can you get started with affirmations today?

  1. Take out a notebook
  2. Open to page 1
  3. Put the date in the top right corner
  4. Write out your first big goal on the top line
  5. Write out how you want to feel about yourself and your work
  6. Copy 1 or 2 more affirmations from this listI love myself
    I love my job
    I am healthy
    I am terrific
    I am intelligent
    I am an effective communicator
    I am loved
    I make (insert desired income) per week (or per month)
    or one of these longer lists (80 Powerful Affirmations That Could Change Your Life1,132 Positive Affirmations)
  7. Enter the number of times you’d like to repeat the affirmations aloud into the box belowSomewhere between 15 and 50
  8. Click the button to keep track of how many times you’ve repeated your affirmation(s)

Do you think this counting tool is cool? It’s called Engineering as Marketing. If you need help creating your own tool contact Gavin Ray here. If you need help figuring out which tool would attract and convert your ideal clients contact Adi here.

Self-help book recommendations

  1. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life
  2. You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth
  3. 50 Spiritual Classics, Second Edition: Your shortcut to the most important ideas on self-discovery, enlightenment, and purpose
  4. 50 Self Help Classics 2nd Edition: Your shortcut to the most important ideas on happiness and fulfilment
  5. 50 Success Classics, Second Edition: Your shortcut to the most important ideas on motivation, achievement, and prosperity

Learn more about affirmations

A full guide to affirmations, including a list of 80 Powerful Affirmations That Could Change Your Life

  1. What are Affirmations
  2. 3 Elements Of Successful Affirmations
  3. How Do You Effectively Use Affirmations?
  4. What Can Positive Affirmations Help You With?

1,132 Positive Affirmations: Your Daily List of Simple Mantras

  1. What are Positive Affirmations?
  2. The Science Behind Positive Affirmations
  3. How to Develop Positive Thinking
  4. How Affirmations Can Banish Negative Thoughts

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