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Here, I am going to show you how to create an affirmation collage for free. We are going to set it up so that you can use it at home, and maybe share this same content with your friends, family & fans on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Facebook. 

  1. Open Keynote (Mac equivalent of powerpoint)
  2. Click Document > Slide Size > Custom Slide Size

Set this to 3000 x 6000

Add in a table

Set it to have 6 rows and 3 columns, then fill the entire slide with this table.  Look at this pinterest board for inspiration on how to design your collage.

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I opted for alternating squares, you can see what this looks like on my instagram profile now, here.

To make it look more like a collage drop in shapes & images.

If you want to take your puzzle to the next level, I used the $16ish Envato Unlimited License to download thousands of high quality images and water color paintings like the ones below.

This is what my collage looks like after my fist scroll through all of the images I dowloaded.

Next, if you want boxes, here is how to add them in.

Go to shapes & select the square.

Set the color fill to – “no fill” & set a border to get an image like the one below. Here, I used 8px solid borders.

Then, if planning to share these on social media, add in your logo.

Next drop in your actual content : the quotes, images & URLs.

As you can see from this screenshot below, the collage took shape only after I added in the text.

Next, play around with the images and text until you love reading it. This is what my final version of my first collage looked like.

Duplicate the slide and drop in place holder text to make your masterpiece into a template. Below is an example :

Once your design is complete, print it out and hang copies on :

  1. Your refrigerator
  2. Your bathroom mirror
  3. Next to your wall calendar
  4. Etc.

If you plan to share the images on social media, keep reading …

Zoom in to take a screen shot of two rows at a time & send the screenshots to your phone.

The use an app like Photo Split to break up the images into individual squares and upload them to your Instagram.

Each day share one of these puzzle squares to Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram stories and Facebook stories.

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To see what my finished collage looks like go to

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