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The First 3 Rule

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I have a growth rule that I call “The First 3 Rule”. It states that a startup’s first 3 clients, customers or users are going to be people from the founder’s personal network. These are the people you are going to develop case studies around & they are the people who are going to write the testimonials you feature on your website.

One you have this list published to your website, you can start to look at using marketing to acquire new customers with significantly greater ease. 

  1. An about page || example
  2. A contact us page || example
  3. A refined process, ideally outlined on your website, if & where applicable || example
  4. At least 3 case studies || example
  5. At least 3 testimonials || example

What should you do if you don’t have a single contact interested to pay for your startup idea?

  1. You need to re-do your market research (my free market research guide is here) to figure out the best way to adjust your offering to be something that is desirable to a group of ready and eager buyers. 
  2. Then re-design your brand based on the data you collected during your market research (my free branding guide is here).
  3. After this, you can rely on technology to find your first 3 or 3000 users by doing a betaLaunch (here’s my free guide on how to do a successful betaLaunch).

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