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I recently watched a 90 minute lecture on “the great new keys of an extraordinary mind” & tested out the teachings so you don’t have to #feelLoved.

In short, it was a logical & effective three step process wrapped in a bunch of weird pseudo science. Here’s is the three step process: 

  1. As soon as you wake up in the morning think of one thing that currently has you worried. Think about the pain of this predicament for 15-30 seconds, focus on the pain of that problem and all of the turmoil it is causing you. After 30 seconds STOP.
  2. Next envision a few real solutions that could help you to make that problem go away fast.  Imagine yourself taking the necessary steps to make that problem go away. If your problem is email subscribers, imagine yourself taking the steps to learn how to create better emails that people look forward to reading. If your problem is knee pain, imagine yourself taking the steps to find the right doctor or physiotherapist. After you’ve identified and imagined yourself taking action with that solution STOP.
  3. Now envision what life will be like after that problem goes away. If your problem is knee pain picture yourself running around pain free. If your problem is sales, picture yourself reading the top ten sales books & then closing sales like a total boss. How does it feel to have solved that problem? What exciting things are you doing now that the problem is solved.

Repeat this process every morning for two weeks & you’ll see why, after two weeks of trying this myself, I decided to share it here.

Example of how I have used this:

  1. I first envisioned all of the foolish self-sabotaging moves I’ve made over the years,
  2. Then I imagined following the advice of people like Tony Robbins & Jen Sincero to achieve my life goals and
  3. Thirdly I envisioned my vision board becoming a reality.

Now: I have the top motivational audiobooks and podcasts play in the background throughout my work day & while running errands #lifeChanging. 

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